Project 1 : Fortifying Mobile Platforms with a User-Centric Trust Anchor


  • To enhance trustworthiness of commodity mobile devices via implementing
  • a user-centric trust anchor with a secure user-anchor interface
  • a security framework based on the trust anchor for users to protect critical resources in an on-demand fashion


Existing Solutions and their Limitations

  • TrustZone based approach: inflexible, coarse-granularity, requires hardware manufacturer support
  • Microkernel based approach: not compatible with commodity systems; higher overhead
  • Existing solutions are not user centric


Outcomes / Deliverables

  • MID-TERM: A hypervisor enforcing inter-process information flow control with self-protection on availability and integrity
  • FINAL: Trust-anchor with secure user interface; security framework based on the trust-anchor supporting secure execution environment, device control, I/O data protection and user data protection


Practical Applications and Impact

  • Deployable for mobile phones with ARM architecture
  • Potential to create highly secure mobile platforms for niche market


System Architecture/Description


Significant Research Achievements

  • We have come up with a preliminary design of the secure hypervisor-user interface. Since our hypervisor-based device protection is user driven, our research so far has addressed the user’s trust establishment on the hypervisor. We have come up with a preliminary design on this regard.





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